“People Power is the way forward in Pembrey and Burry Port”

“People Power is the way forward in Pembrey and Burry Port”

Burry Port Meeting

Burry Port Meeting 2 Pembrey Meeting 

 Changing the way, the Pembrey and Burry Port Town Council works and serves the community was discussed at two Public meetings last week, one in Burry Port and the other in Pembrey.

The move is driven by the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act and the Town Council is taking this opportunity to change how it works by handing over more decisions to the people it serves.

Six community forums made up of members of the public and Town Councillors will consider the community’s views on a spectrum of issues and they will be put into a draft Community Strategy and action plan.

The decisions on what is included in the plan and what is left out will be taken, not by Councillors but by a new Community Partnership representing the community.

Cllr. Mike Theodoulou who is Chairman of the Councils Chairs Committee and leads the Council’s Community Engagement work said “This is a new way of working, a way that makes us the Peoples Council. In challenging times with cut-backs to funding and increased demands on public services we have to change the way we do things. Different parts of the system should no longer work in isolation to each other and Town Councils should not work in isolation to the people they serve. Working with the community makes us more powerful and abler to get things done.”

It is proposed that the Community Partnership is made up of residents, local organisations, local agencies and the Council who will be in the minority thus giving control to the community. Not only will it set the strategy to which the Council will work but it will also monitor and report on performance.

Cllr. Theodoulou stated “this is an exciting initiative as I see the potential of the Community Partnership having a great impact on our lives, combating splits and unnecessary competition and duplication within our community. We now want people to get involved and make things happen and more information will be released soon.”