Your Town Council

The Town Council has done a lot recently.  Here are some examples.

·                     We have saved all the parks from decay and closure by taking them over from the County Council

·                     We have taken over Pembrey Memorial Hall and are investing in its upkeep

·                     We have delivered a new play area next to the Harbour

·                     Every month we give grants to local organisations who work to improve the quality of life for our community

·                     We are about to launch the Town WiFi system

We are however very aware that more needs to be done.

Your Town Council is therefore changing the way it works. We want to produce a Community Plan so that everyone knows what needs to be done. This plan will cover all the things that are important to our people, most of which the Town Council is not responsible for but things that, together with the Community, we can pressurise and convince other powers to do something about. Joining our voices will make us more powerful.

The community plan must be just that, a plan that is of the community and not just your Town Councillors. To start us off we are calling public meetings next month, one in Pembrey and one in Burry Port, with the dates announced next week. We will outline the process for producing the plan and setting up six community forums and inviting members of the community to join a forum and help put together the community plan. Each forum will focus on different aspects of community life so you can get involved with the issues that matter to you.

This is an exciting and important step and can only work if people get involved so watch this space for more news next week.