Council Tax precept

At the Council meeting on Wednesday 21st February the Council decided to increase the precept for the next year. The increase for the average household (Band D property) will be the equivalent of just £0.43 a week.

Cllr. David Owens the Town Mayor said ‘’ Much in line with almost every other sizeable Council in the UK, we are increasing our share of the rates bill because on the one hand public sector finances are being cut whilst on the other we are asked to do more. This decision is not taken lightly as we are acutely aware of the difficulties some families face and for that reason we are keeping the increase as low as we can.’’

The Town Council is negotiating the takeover of eight local Parks, a number of open spaces and a couple of public toilets from the County Council. It is also about to build an additional play area next to the Harbour. Cllr. Bob John the Deputy Mayor said ‘’ Some time ago we held a couple of public meetings at which we asked people if they were prepared to pay a little bit more to save all the local parks and play areas and in both the meetings 100% of those attending said yes”.

Cllr. Mike Theodoulou who chairs the largest spending Council Committee said ‘’ In the past, this Council has focused on keeping the precept low and not offering very much to the community. Those days are over as our community demands that services are safeguarded and that we invest more on looking after community assets so that we do not end up having to sell them off. As a Council, we are determined to do more for our community while keeping the costs as low as possible.’’